Who We Are

Smith Savage is a company of chartered and professional accountants based in Rosebank, Johannesburg, which is helpful and accessible to our clients because we understand the world in which they operate.

The real world of business can be busy and chaotic. Complying with tax and other laws can be time consuming and sap the resources that you need to achieve your goals. That's where we come in to offer the best advice and help you get things done in the simplest, quickest and best way.

We offer the same expert advice and skills as the large firms - but without the equally large costs and bureaucracy to navigate. That's useful in the real world when you often don't have time to deal with ten different departments, but need to get hold of someone who can help you straight away.

We have quick turnaround times and we keep in touch with all our company clients, providing regular feedback and updates. The owner, Sarah Savage (Lees), or a competent manager oversees each and every account.

You can expect a more dynamic form of engagement with Smith Savage, because we're simply not the type of accountants who communicate through reports filled with jargon. Whether you're an office worker with a tax return due, or a board member of a listed company mulling over re-structuring plans – we will meet you at your level, and make the figures work for you.

Smith Savage offers tailored services for SMEs and many clients have outsourced the entire role of their Chief Financial Officer to us. However, our diverse clients include a wide spectrum from individuals to large listed corporates.

While we aim to help you achieve the best and fastest results, Smith Savage has built its reputation on professionalism and ethical practices. We will never help you break the law.


Smith Savage helps previously disadvantaged staff members in the most practical and effective way, by paying for all their work-related studies. This has helped several staff members advance from basic administrative roles to become highly skilled professionals.

As part of our Corporate Social Investment we contribute to the Theo Jackson Scholarship Fund that educates promising orphans and underprivileged children. We further donate services to The Lonely Road Foundation that aims at bringing life, hope and opportunity to underprivileged communities in South Africa.

Sarah Savage (Lees) Profile

Sarah Savage (Lees) co-founded Smith Savage in 2004 with fellow CA, Wesley Smith. As passionate entrepreneurs, they were motivated to help other start-ups by giving them access to sound and cost-effective advice and services.

Now as sole proprietor, Sarah manages the day-to-day operations of the company. As an entrepreneur who has "done it" and succeeded, she has special insight into the unique needs of hands-on business owners. She is an effective communicator who has built the company on sincere and open relationships with clients.

Sarah previously held managerial roles at Discovery Health and BDO Spencer Steward. She still maintains strong ties with the latter (now BDO South Africa), and the relationship benefits Smith Savage clients who choose to supplement their accounting services with investment and other offerings from BDO.

Sarah's professional track record means her advice is sought after by some of the country's leading firms. She was involved in a costing exercise on a massive joint venture between a medical aid and one of the major banks. She has also devised and proven methodologies for large multi-branch corporations that need to consolidate their financial reports regularly.